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How to Answer the Question That Only You Can


Here’s the question:

What do you want to do?

We live in an age of possibilities, and we’ve all got multiple interests. There are plenty of people and resources out there that can help you accomplish something, but no one can tell you what you want to accomplish.

You’re the only one that can do it.

Humor me for a minute. Clear your mind of everything you’ve got spinning around in there. And this is cliche as all get out, but I promise if you actually engage in this and read to the end you might just get a little inspired.


Take away the need to make money. We are driven to make money so we can pay our bills. So we can get better things. So we can be happy. Take that out of the equation for a second.


Time is the one thing that you can never get back. It’s the most valuable resource you can possess. For a moment, worry a little less about the time you don’t have, and dwell in the time that you do have. So you don’t need money, and you don’t need time.


We are physical beings. We can only do so much. The more you do the less energy you have. Take energy out of the picture. You don’t need money, time, or energy.


People have opinions, and to live among those opinions is to be human. Ignore those opinions in this moment. Don’t worry about what other people think. Above that, believe in yourself 100%. I know you can’t always do that, but do that right now. You don’t need money, time, energy, or fear.


Ask yourself: What do you want to do with your life? Dwell on that question, and don’t go any further! You don’t need anything, you can just do something. What is that something? And I mean it when I say to take away those things above. What is the most ideal thing you could accomplish? What do you actually want to do?


Do you have something? Don’t move on until you do! Let’s return to reality a little bit.


You have to generate income for most lifestyles that I know of, so how can you do that thing and make money? Maybe that’s easy, but I’m sure there’s probably someone already out there doing it. Figure out what they are doing and do that.


Time is your most valuable resource, but if you’re actually doing something you love, it’s not going to waste is it?


Rest. Live a sustainable life within the reaches of what you want to do. Be intentional about taking breaks.


You’re doing what you love. It’s something you believe in, and it allows you to live true to who you are. No matter what people think, how can you ever regret that decision?

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Here’s an analogy:

A kid is trying out for the school basketball team. He’s in line for free throw evaluation, but he’s not used to the crowd. The pressure is high because all the kids before him were making their shots. He gives the ball two confident bounces, lifts it to his line of sight while maintaining focus on the hoop. The ball soars through the air; a perfect arch. But when everyone expected to hear the sound of the ball bouncing against the rim there was silence, and a delayed “thonk” of the ball hitting the gym floor. He looks to the ground embarrassed at what he just accomplished. How could he be so off?… “Thonk!” The ball bounces back in his direction from the hands of one of his fellow students. Another chance. He musters up a front of confidence in his shot, but below the surface he’s thinking about how bad it could be. He knows he’s not going to make it…. “Donk” The ball bounces off the rim, and flies towards the bleachers. That’s it. He’s done. Why is he even there? He can’t play basketball.

On his ride home sitting in the back seat of his mom’s car, he tells himself he was wrong. He can play basketball. He’s made those shots before. When he gets home he gets out of the car, grabs his basketball. Alone in his driveway he sets his eyes upon the hoop. “Swish”.. “swish”.. “swish”.

Be the kid at tryouts with the mentality of the kid in the driveway.

In other words: If you want to make the basketball team, don’t focus on making the basketball team. Focus on playing basketball.

If you want to make money doing what you love, don’t focus on making money. Focus on doing what you love.



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