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no desk

“…if you have that itch to live outside the box, escape that rinse and repeat lifestyle, and get away from that boring desk – here are some reasons and ways to do just that.”


“In the world of the internet, just because you build it, does not mean that they will come.”

bad job

“I have personally applied this to my own life, and it has given me such a positive outlook everyday.”


“What is the one thing you have that your competition can never possess?



you are creative

“You are a creative being. Never let yourself or anyone else convince you otherwise. Embrace your inner child, and give life to your own crazy thoughts. Believe in yourself, and go create something!”

your life

“Better to put in the work to re-engineer than rush to fully construct a poor design.”


“…it’s the people creating the dots that make a difference; that change things.”