My name is Ryan, and I’m so happy you’re here! I have an unhealthy obsession with Batman, art is in my genetics, and marketing is what I’m learning.

I recently graduated college where I studied environmental science and some digital media related courses. In the past two years I have traveled around 30,000 miles from New Zealand to Northwestern United States. I love adventure and generally try to avoid getting trapped in mundane routines. I visited Bag End, hiked Mt. Doom, bungee jumped into the river Anduin, skied the NZ Southern Alps, climbed a mountain that was actually entitled “Crazy” in Montana, and chased birds around the Northern Great Plains at strange hours of the night. College was an exciting time, I learned a lot about myself, but it has been really dwarfed in comparison with what I am learning post graduation.

Now! Like many other college graduates, I don’t quite know what I want to do with my life. Of course I thought I did; I knew exactly what I wanted to do after graduation while I was in school. I was focused on where I should be headed and what I was supposed to do. Now that I’m out of school, the importance of my educational path has dwindled, and the importance of acknowledging who I really am and reaching my full potential actually doing things I enjoy is everything. Because of this change in mind set, life is a blank canvas and I’ve never been more excited!

So a few months ago I fell into a steady job working in environmental conservation for a small sector of government. I have a steady paycheck, health insurance, and retirement, but at the end of the day, the work that I do is ultimately unfulfilling to me. Sure, I’m serving a good cause that I do believe in, but I simply don’t like the work. I have fallen into a mundane routine, and I’m going to assume that, because you are here, we may just be in the same boat.

The “work” you are doing in life is unsatisfying, or you just know it could be better. You may be ok with what you’re doing, but there’s always that dream in the back of your head that you’ve had since you were in high school. Is this what you actually want to be doing with your time and with your life? I view my time as an extremely valuable asset, and giving 8 hours of my day five days a week to something that I don’t enjoy or feel satisfaction from is not worth it. Honestly, it’s a waste. I don’t want to sell my time for money. Imagine a world in which people haphazardly do jobs just because they need to pay their bills…. oh wait. That’s the world we live in.

So why do we let ourselves fall into this trap of working to pay the bills? I’m not saying everyone should be self employed, there are plenty of satisfied people working for other people… but I’ve got that itch to do something greater! Sure, people have commitments that hold them within certain boundaries that make it harder to take risks, but at the end of the day I believe you are your primary obstacle. There are always ways to break free, you just need to find yours.

SO calling all college graduates, graduates to be, and all people who are generally unsatisfied in their jobs; This is your time. Stop being ok with where you are, stop lying to yourself about where you think you should be, and start creating the life you want to live. Just do it. So what if you fail; if you’re young you have your whole life to figure it out, and if you have a little more experience under your belt, don’t give yourself anything to regret. Are you going to let one failure get in the way of a lifetime of doing something you love? Truly commit to your passions, put in the hard work, and make it happen. If you never fail, you’re doing it wrong.

I’ve always been an artistic person, so I’m going back to my roots. Graphic design and content creation. I’m already reaping the benefits of giving my time to something that I love to do.

I want to start my own online business and travel the world. Who knows what will happen! Join me on my journey. I want to put it all out there from the start so, hopefully, I can help you break your chains; free up your schedule, and build a successful life.

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