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The Five Pillars of Marketing

Attempting to establish a brand or business through online marketing in the age of content overload is like dropping a baitless hook into the middle of the ocean hoping a fish will bump into it with its mouth open. The odds are not “ever in your favor”. The competition is fierce. It’s scary out there, and it can seem like you are destined to fail. I know that’s how I feel here more often than not.

So what can you do??

Steve Jobs once said “Marketing is about values”.
The face of your business is no longer a logo. It’s you’re face. It’s who you are, and your logo merely represents and symbolizes that concept.
Here are some key foundational values to build your brand upon. Values that people can’t argue you on. Values that you can’t regret holding.


In all the clutter and chaos found on the internet, there is one thing you can do that is irrefutable: Tell the truth.
Don’t fudge your way to quick success. Honesty and transparency win.


By simply taking the time to respond and connect with people you are showing that you are human and actually care. You become relatable, and show appreciation to readers or viewers. Go crazy and respond to all the feedback that you possibly can!


The best marketing campaigns of all time have been those that honor others. Nike made shoes, but they honored athletes. YouTubers support and uplift each other. Bloggers support and uplift one another. The list goes on, but the point is, you can’t be great by yourself. Reaching out and uplifting others is the best way to build a supportive network, and let your consumers know what you’re about.

“You wanna build the tallest tower in town? Don’t compete by tearing down all the other towers. Actually build the tallest tower by building the tallest tower. You could even take this a step further. Don’t just build yourself up higher than everyone else; help build others up. Raise the whole city to a new level.” Living Among Giants


The point of content marketing is to provide content that serves a greater purpose than just selling your product. What is your purpose? What value can you add to the lives of your consumers? Your first goal should be to create something of substance and value for others.


Tell your story. People have been telling stories for the entirety of  human history. It’s how we communicate. Content that tells a story will be more engaging and effective among consumers. Telling your story is another way to build a relationship with people who read it.


T ruth

R espond

U plift

S erve

T ell


Adhering to these values will build TRUST.
 is the ultimate goal of marketing. If you meet these foundations you will form a trusting relationship with your content consumers, clients, and associates.

The online world can be scary, but don’t let fear hold you back. Put your best foot forward and put yourself out there. Show people your humanity, and build yourself off of that commonality. It’s not What you are, it’s Who you are that matters.



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