The End? Blogging

The Last Post I’ll Ever Write

…under this domain. 😉

So here’s the deal: My blog sucks.

Now you may think I’m being harsh or rash, but there are several valid reasons as to why this website lacks growth potential.

I’ve only been blogging for three and half months! It takes much much longer than that to grow a site, but that’s why I’m doing this now.

I have a beautiful website, 100% of the graphics created for this site have been my own, and I do genuinely believe that I can write compelling and professional copy. But over the past three months of being in this field, I have learned so many things I didn’t know on day one. I mean, that was kind of the point of all this..

But now, learning what I have, there are just a few things that I need to adjust and take time to think on before I continue.

Here are some reasons that this blog doesn’t work:

1. My blog is about…everything.

This is the number one issue; it leads to all the others listed below.

If you’re confused about what the true purpose of you content is, that will show through in your content. People will be able to see that.

It is crucial to have focus and goals. I’ve talked about it on this blog, I started with focus, and attempted to direct that focus as I wrote. Though I have a lot of good “parts” scattered around this site, there is no cohesive whole.

Warning signs? If people are asking you what your blog is about, or your bounce rate is high, you might not be focused enough.

2. I cannot define a specific audience.

If you can’t define exactly who you’re writing to, you’re going to have trouble getting people to read what you’re writing. Get in the mind set of your reader. Imagine that person is sitting across the table from you and you’re talking to them.

I feel like with every post I’m targeting a different group of people. I should be able to gear every post I write to one specific group of people.

Not to mention that I was buying my audience as much as I felt I could. A lot of my audience came from paid ads. They clicked, they read, they liked, but most never returned. That’s okay, but it’s not a sustainable model. The goal of a blog should be to build community.

I’m not necessarily against paying for people to come to my site, but it has to be sustainable.

What does that mean? It means you need one target audience, and you need to see signs that a few people are coming back. It also means you need to figure out how to make profit from those visitors that you’re purchasing.

4. I moved backwards in the realm of SEO.

If you’re starting a new blog, my advice to you is not to worry about SEO in a traditional sense.

The best thing you can do in 2017 is connect with people online, write long and valuable content, and get people to engage with your content. Don’t worry about the technical stuff too much, search engines want to know that you’re human, that you’ve got value to provide, and that you’re credible.

I started out just doing my thing, then I began doing more research and applying SEO techniques that might have set me back a little as far as Google is concerned. Never compromise good content for SEO. Just don’t.

Build a network and give value. That’s all you need to do.

5. I’ve got nothing to sell.

Yes, it’s actually important to have something behind your words; more reason for people to stick around.

Free words, no matter how compelling they may be, do not bring people back by themselves. Whether it’s a free download, tutorial, book, or service. You need something that says “look, here’s what I do”.

Don’t hold out and wait to drop your best content and ideas until you’ve got followers. You’ve got to put your heart into it from day one. Lay it all out on the table.

Give people a reason to subscribe to a mailing list!

But I could do all of these things right here! So why not this domain?

Because it sounds like I’m going to blog about the stock market. It’s confusing and misleading.

It would be better to have a completely random name like “”. NinjaSquirrel could be about anything, including a squirrel that’s a ninja. And after thinking of that, I googled ninja squirrel. Turns out it’s actually the name of a hot sauce, which goes to prove that point. An obscure, but memorable name is better than a misleading name that contains keywords. 

Really think about what people are going to think when they see your title. It’s not always the biggest concern, but you don’t want to be misleading.

For more blogging issues you may have:

For a more in depth look at why your blog might not be working I strongly suggest reading this post from Copyblogger20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

Or even more effective, you can check out this article written by Vishal Ostwal, an online writer: The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Pre-launch Strategy for Your New Blog

So, The End…?

Not at all! This is the end of this blog. But the beginning of a true blogger.

This all may sound very negative, but I truly view this as a step forward.

I hope people will be able to get some useful information from this post, but for me, this will serve as my reminder. A reminder of the core concepts that are crucial in making a blog successful.

When I started blogging, I believe that I viewed it as a a stagnant thing that holds your content and people read. A blog should be a living entity that people can engage in community with:

The future of blogging lies in deep and valuable content that builds community. That is going to be my focus as I take the next couple of months to plan, research, and network. Then, once I find my focus and build a pre-launch strategy, I’ll be back for my second at-bat, and I’ll have my eyes on that fence.

So there you have it. I would say goodbye, but I’ll be around. This site isn’t going anywhere, and social media profiles and contacts will remain up if you just want to say “hi” 🙂

If you’ve been one of the 200 people here this month, thank you so much for being here! Have any similar blogging experiences or tips? Share them in the comments! I’ll be sure to respond.

In the name of a great Austrian man: “I’ll be back.

Keep inspiring,


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