Income and Statistics

Ground Zero

Documentation from day one. This isn’t a “Learn how to make $100k a month from blogging!”. I am starting at zero. This is literally day one, and I want to be completely transparent about my processes so that you and I can both learn something together. In the blog I will talk about what I’m doing; what strategies I am utilizing. Here I will discuss the numbers; what works and what doesn’t.

One strategy I would like to implement on day one is “holding my breath”. The longer I hold out; the more readership I accumulate before trying to monetize this blog, the more lucrative it will become. This is the difference between being a 2nd string player on the sideline and the MVP. It makes sense. It’s an investment, but it’s counter intuitive to how we think. So, I won’t be seeing Benjamin up there any time soon..

Today’s society moves so fast it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting immediate gratification. The more you spend on immediate gratification, the less you have invested, and the less exponential growth you will experience.

A mentality I would like to carry on from day one is that 1 > 0. It’s simple. Forward progress. Today I had one more blog post than I did two days ago. Today I had one more reader than I did yesterday. This month I made $1. That’s all I’m going for right now.

Carry realistic positivity. I want to bring a positive attitude to everything I do on this blog. I say realistic positivity because you can’t use positivity to avoid issues, but you can use positivity to work through them.

While I’m taking the time to postpone the money, I’d like to focus on readership and connecting with people. That’s really where the marketing come into the blogging. The money should come as an effect to the marketing.

SO all that being said here are the numbers!

Day 1

= $ 0.00

= $ -81.63

  • ipage domain hosting for 3 years

Gross Income:
= $ -81.63

Unique Page Views
= 0

…It can only go up from here! 🙂



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