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What’s The Connection Between Adventure and Marketing??

So you want to become a digital nomad and travel the world on an epic adventure while making money? OR maybe you just want to learn how to build a business online?

There are plenty of people who actually do it. They build a successful business that can be managed anywhere they can connect their laptop to internet connection or get cell service. It’s possible to escape the desk.

What do you need to accomplish this?

A Skill

Yes, you do in fact need a marketable skill. Don’t go travel to china, and expect to be able to pick up and master a skill in a few months. In order to build a business on a skill, you actually need to be good at it.


Don’t go travel away your life savings hoping to generate income at some point along the line. Develop geographically independent streams of income where you are before you ever travel anywhere.


Do you know what it takes to live in another country? Passports, visas, taxes. You have to figure all that out before you go anywhere.

The Desire

Do you realistically want to do this? It’s easy to see the pictures, the videos, and the success stories, and start dreaming, but the reality isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Do you truly want an adventure, or do you just really like watching other people do it?

If you don’t read anything else, read this:

The bottom line is: If you want to live the adventure business model of the digital nomad, you must first establish a successful business. A “digital nomad” can work from wherever they are. That means you should be able to work and live where you are right now. If you can’t do that, there’s no point in even thinking about traveling until you know you can sustain yourself.

The Connection

So here it is.


What’s missing in that equation? If you’re someone like me, you’ve got a skill, and you’ve got the desire to travel. But something has to happen between skill and business to make that happen, and that thing is marketing.

So the secret to being geographically free is building a solid business that can be carried out online. The secret to building a solid business that can be carried out online is marketing online. …and actually doing quality business of course.

A true digital nomad is not someone who decides to up and go on an adventure to Europe on their life savings. A true digital nomad is someone who can go live in Europe because their established business allows them to.

Generating income while traveling is doable, there are so many reasons to want to do it, and it can even be beneficial. I’m not trying to deter you, unless you don’t actually have the drive. I’m not even trying to get you to be realistic; let you’re imagination soar. The point I do want to get across is: be smart about it, and build a plan.

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