My name is Ryan, and I’m so happy you’re here! I have an unhealthy obsession with Batman, art is in my genetics, and marketing is what I’m learning.

I recently graduated college where I studied environmental science and some digital media related courses. In the past two years I have traveled around 30,000 miles from New Zealand to Northwestern United States. I love adventure and generally try to avoid getting trapped in mundane routines. I visited Bag End, hiked Mt. Doom, bungee jumped into the river Anduin, skied the NZ Southern Alps, climbed a mountain that was actually entitled “Crazy” in Montana, and chased birds around the Northern Great Plains at strange hours of the night. College was an exciting time, I learned a lot about myself, but it has been really dwarfed in comparison with what I am learning post graduation.

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Income and Statistics

Ground Zero

Documentation from day one. This isn’t a “Learn how to make $100k a month from blogging!”. I am starting at zero. This is literally day one, and I want to be completely transparent about my processes so that you and I can both learn something together. Read more “Ground Zero”